Automatically Email Nutanix NCC Results

NCC stands for Nutanix Cluster Check, and it is the core framework behind the Health construct in Nutanix OS.

This framework is separate from NOS, in that it can be updated async from NOS. Nutanix Engineering releases NCC updates approximately every 4-6 weeks, but can be quicker depending on the criticality of new health checks as they are developed.

There are plenty of blogs out there talking about NCC’s core functionality, and how to most effectively utilize its power, but I wanted to take some time and highlight one new feature, Automatic Email Digests for NCC Results.

Once enabled, NCC will run a full health check of the system according to the value you set, which can be anywhere between 4-24 hours. This enables even more proactive and aggressive health reporting, outside of all of the standard enterprise grade alerting we have today (Pulse Auto Support Call Home, SNMPv3, Syslog, NOS Alerts, etc).

NCC Email Alerts are configured once with the following command:

nutanix@cvm$ ncc --set_email_frequency=num_hrs
nutanix@cvm$ ncc --show_email_config

Once configured successfully, the email will contain a summary of the NCC output and includes details
for any checks that return a FAIL status. To see details for all checks, examine any NCC log files
located in /home/nutanix/data/logs.

These alerts are emailed to the users configured in “Alert Email Configuration”, so make sure your sysadmin DL (or users) are configured (good idea either way).

NOTE: NCC 1.3.1 results emailed to Nutanix support do not automatically create support cases, that is the job for traditional break/fix Alerts and Pulse.

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